2023 Fashion Trends Revealed(2)

How to Dress「Air Style」

Semi-transparent material creates a hazy beauty .

To keep up with the trend, look for pieces made of translucent materials.

Tulle material gauze skirt with a hazy feeling, lined single item can not be too exposed, and can easily get translucent material to bring you the ethereal floating. 


Soft chiffon can drift gently with the spring breeze, embellished with some feathers, streamers and other accessories, light effect doubled, the upper body also more air sense.

Tulle single pieces bring a sweet girl feeling, on the basis of adding some knitted embroidery or three-dimensional flowers, the effect of layers can also inject a bit of noble retro palace atmosphere.

Wear it, easily concave spring clever.

If you are worried about the use of tulle in the modeling of a large area will produce a cheap feeling, may wish in the cuffs, waist, skirt and so on embellishment, so it will harvest different surprises.

Air accessories add a floaty feel.

In addition to wearing large areas of airy pieces, small accessories can also create this light feeling.

For example, the basic and affordable scrunchie, the pleated design itself is very empty, a kind of hair lying in the clouds feeling.

The dreamlike tulle is perfect for the vibrant spring days.

Although it looks large, it is light enough to wear on your hair without being oppressive. More importantly, you will find that this bulky hair accessory really makes your hair smaller.

Hair band can not only do headdress, usually can also be tied to the hand to do hand decoration, tough shape more it, will also appear somewhat graceful.

Corsages, which have become popular in the fashion world recently, are also very much in line with the air style, which is ubiquitous in the looks of celebrities and fashion bloggers.


A small piece can add luster to an otherwise seemingly ordinary garment and instantly become gorgeous.

The flowers of yarn, satin and lace can be skillfully integrated with the clothing to create a romantic style and a unique sense of fashion.

Post time: May-25-2023