Woven fabric is made by weaving warp and weft together vertically. Knitted fabrics are made of yarn or filament formed by knitting needles, and then the coils are strung together.


WOVEN FABRIC: Two systems (or directions) of yarn perpendicular to each other, and according to a certain rule of interweaving formed fabric for woven fabric. The basic organization of woven fabric is the simplest and most basic organization among all kinds of organizations, which is the basis of various changes and fancy organizations.


Knitted FABRIC: Knitted fabric formation is different from woven fabric, it can be divided into weft knitted fabric and warp knitted fabric according to the different production methods. Weft knitted fabric is the yarn from the weft into the working needle of the knitting machine, each yarn in a certain order in a horizontal row to form a coil woven; Warp knitted fabric is a knitted fabric formed by a group or several groups of parallel warp yarns which are fed into all the working needles of the knitting machine at the same time. Each yarn forms a coil in the horizontal row of each coil. No matter what kind of knitted fabric, its coil is the most basic unit. The structure of the coil is different, the combination of the coil is different, constitute a variety of different knitted fabric.


Post time: May-11-2023