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The Sequins Herringbone Knit Sweater is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. With its cute pullover design and herringbone print, this sweater is both stylish and cozy. The ribbed hemline adds a touch of sophistication, while the iridescent sequins on the front and sleeve give it a playful twist.

Whether you're heading to a holiday party or just running errands, this sweater is sure to turn heads. The cute holiday sweater is made from high-quality materials that will keep you warm and comfortable all day long. Its versatile design allows you to dress it up or down, making it suitable for any occasion.

Not only does this sweater look great, but it also offers practical features that you'll love. The ribbed hemline ensures a snug fit, while the herringbone print adds a unique touch to your outfit. The iridescent sequins on the front and sleeve catch the light beautifully, adding a touch of glamour to your look.

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Padding for down jackets

The stuffing in down jackets, the most common is goose down and duck down, which are divided into white velvet and gray velvet according to color. Through the theoretical research and practical experience of down, generally speaking, goose down of the same quality and velvet content is better than duck down in terms of warmth and fluffiness, but the color has no great relationship with the quality of down jacket.

Classification of down coats

Down can be divided into goose down and duck down according to the source, according to the color is divided into white velvet and gray velvet, in addition, there are Icelandic eider duck produced black velvet and so on. Better down tends to come from larger, more mature birds, so goose down is slightly better than duck down.

Bread coat product characteristics

Bread coat has the characteristics of light weight, soft texture and good warmth. A cloth made of nylon as the surface fabric, with down as the filler jacket, the total weight between 500 to 1000 grams, is the weight of other cold clothes 1/6 to 1/2. Because down is soft, it is used as a flocculant for clothes and is comfortable to wear. Down is not prone to fiber hardening. The fabric is mostly made of high-density coated fabric, which can keep more air in the clothing and has good thermal performance.

The fashion of bread coat

The better the living conditions, the higher the pursuit of beauty. The weather is getting warmer and warmer, and the environment of various activity places is becoming more and more comfortable, and the cold is no longer the only purpose for people to wear bread coats. From the production technology, bread coats can already be both light and warm. Therefore, in today's people pay more and more attention to beauty and lines, the unique texture of bread coats is incomparable to other clothing.

Bread coat washing

Because the inner, outer and wadding of the bread coat are sewn together, the whole garment can be washed. Dissolve two spoons of washing powder in warm water at 30~40℃, soak soaked bread into the washing powder, and scrub with a soft brush. After cleaning the dirt, squeeze out the excess liquid, and then soak in clean water for ten minutes, and then turn and wash until the soap is rinsed. Squeeze gently to remove the water and hang in a ventilated place to dry. Do not sun exposure, so as not to damage nylon, after the soft strip beat inside, so that down fluffy recovery, can be stored in the box.

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